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How It Works

Choose a date and time and complete registration 
Your testing materials will arrive per shipping schedule
Click your video visit link at your scheduled time for specimen collection
Drop specimen in dropbox or schedule a pick-up
Get your results online in 1 day (sputum test) or 3 days (antibody) from lab receipt

Only available to WV and KY residents 18 and over.

FDA Introduction to COVID-19 Tests

Why Use MyRonaTest

No Nasal Swab Needed.
Our partner lab, MicroGenDX, is a CLIA certified lab utilizing sputum/saliva samples for diagnostic testing.  Simply cough up sputum and/or saliva and spit in a cup.  No discomfort.  No pain.
Fast Results.
Your diagnostic test (sputum/saliva) will take on average 9 hours from lab receipt (quicker than most local molecular/PCR tests).  Your antibody test will take 3-5 business days from lab receipt.
Improved Accuracy.
Most rapid tests on the market which give results in an hour or less, use detection of antigens.  This is a less accurate method than molecular/PCR testing.  In fact, if you have symptoms and a rapid antigen test is negative, it is commonly recommended that a molecular test be done due to a false negative result.  So you could find out later that you are actually positive for COVID-19.  MicroGenDX molecular/PCR testing is more accurate and also rapid. 
We partner with ZRT Laboratory for IgG Antibody testing.  ZRT tests for 2 markers in fingerstick blood drops (dried blood spot).  Most labs will test only for 1 marker, this increases the risk for false negatives.  ZRT reduces the risk of missing possible immunity.
Safer and More Convenient.
Get tested in the comfort and security of your home.  No need to be exposed to other patients waiting to be tested.  No need to risk exposing being exposed to our undersupplied healthcare workers.  Get tested anywhere you have internet service. 
Certified and FDA Approved Labs.
Both MicroGenDX and ZRT Laboratory are CLIA certified.  MicroGenDX has received FDA EUA Authorization for PCR diagnostic testing for COVID-19.  See MicroGenDX EUA letter here.  MicroGenDX is also listed on FDA's Emergency Use Authorization page here.







Learn more about MicroGenDX labs here and ZRT Labs here.
About Us

An online telemedicine company committed to offering easily accessible COVID-19 testing. is a service by Nytingale Virtual Urgent Care offering provider guided testing in an effort to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  Your evaluation and test order will be completed by a board certified healthcare professional.  Just like any office visit, you will meet a provider to help guide the process, answer questions, and provide information after your results.  Our process maintains provider oversight while reducing exposure risk. 

Tracking The Virus

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